Carl van den Bosch - Paintings
There are four distinct periods of painting productivity, mostly divided by moves to other courtries or cities:

1953-59 (approx), done in Nickerie, Suriname and Amsterdam. Some of these paintings are in the possession of friends, and the rest have probably been destroyed. Only the Amsterdam Flower Market is still in the family's possession; all the rest are recaptured from family photographs.

Street with Sea View (no larger image available)
North African Boy Painting Vases
Girl In Volendam Dress (no larger image available)
1959 Amsterdam Flower Market

Caribbean fort (from B/W photo: no larger image available)
Caribbean Fort (from colour photo: no larger image available)

1962-68 (approx), done in London, Ontario. Again, some of these were given to friends. Only the Forest Path remains in the artist's family.

Tea Plantation - Java
Java Market 1
Java Market 2
Indonesian scene - Batik dyeing
Sawas - Java
Java Harvest
Rubber plantation - Java
Wild Sea
Forest Path
Seascape with Rocky Shore - Indonesian Boats

The Seascape with Rocky Shore dates to 1964. There is a clearer photograph in the Life page.

part of a seascape - right half (no larger image available)
Drifting Logs
River with Boat Launch
Beached Rowboat
Construction Workers (no larger image available)
Dundas Street, London, Ontario, about 1964 (no larger image available)

1971-86, done in Vancouver, British Columbia. He rented a small office near his place of work as his studio. The sale of serigraphs just about covered the rent and cost of materials. Occasionally he would turn again to painting. Some of this work was exhibited at unjuried garden shows; some of it was sold, especially through The Danish Art Gallery on Tenth Avenue, near Dunbar. During this period he signed some of his works 'Lerac', in the belief that it was catchier than his full name. (The Dutch version of his name is Carel.) As with other periods, the locations of only a few works are known: some were sold; the others were either destroyed or given away.

Several more paintings from this period can be seen in photographs on the Life page, taken in 1972, in the first of two studios.

Squamish Hills

1986-92, done in White Rock, British Columbia. By this time he had switched from oils on canvas to acrylics on board (although notice the early acrylic, 'Ducks', in the previous set). Most of these were done at the White Rock Seniors' Centre, which regularly organized painting classes. During the late eighties up to about 1991 Carl led some of these classes himself.

Valley With Tall Tree
Melting Snow
West Coast Trees
Wild Shore

Winter Scene
Rain Forest
Forest Scene - Sunny
Lighthouse Park

Stream With Rocky Shore
Forest Clearing
Path With Rocks
Woodland and Hills
Blue and White Flowers
Still Life With Pottery
Still Life with Grapefruit
Spring Sun - Inuvik
The Blue Kite (Tlingit Indian with Blue Kite)
South American Indians
Four Tiles
Waiting for Cargo - Vancouver Harbour
Mating Dance
Three Men
Two Women
Two Women with Jewelry
Woman in Garden
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