Carl van den Bosch - Sculpture
As was mentioned elsewhere, Carl had been carving since he was a boy. Shown here is a photograph of Carl in 1955 working on the hull of a model boat. He had one of those cutaway plans of a passenger liner that shipping companies issued in those years to show the interior and facilities to prospective passengers, and he had done similar work as a boy. Unfortunately, other concerns got in the way of completing the project. The beautifully streamlined hull was left behind in one of many moves in those years

Carving requires envisioning skills that are entirely different from those needed to create drawings and paintings. Michelangelo famously said that the stone contained the work, his only role was to release it with his chisel and hammer; what he was talking about was the artist's capacity for imagining the figure he is going to make even though the stone has yet to be carved away, but he was also talking about his knowledge of the material and what could be done with it, how to respond to its grain and colouring as he revealed it.

All these works were done on the West Coast, using local materials, such as cedar and soapstone.

Daniel and Lion
Inuit Man
Seated Ape
Shaman and Musk Ox
Jewelry Box Lid
Egyptian Relief
Grouse Woodblock
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