Carl van den Bosch - Drawings
The works on this page are of necessity a selection of the many drawings Carl completed. Some of them, like Salamanders were framed and have been exhibited.

Toward the end of his life he put considerable effort into culling from among his many sketches the ones he most wanted to preserve, and he even suggested to his wife and son that these were the essence of his work as artist. These were put into albums, according to a scheme of his own. Several pages from these albums have been included in the pages following this one, precisely because Carl set such store by this aspect of his work; but to reproduce all of them would be to multiply the size of this Web site four- or five-fold. See link at bottom.

Salamanders (1969)
Back of Junk Yard (1970)
1930s Design (1972)
Clowns (1973)
Mexican Scarecrows (1973)
Lawyers (1973)
The Sculptor (1973)
Fantasy Animal (1974)
Fish Nets (1977)
Moths (1977)
Trees (1976)
Arbutus Trees in B.C.
Abstract buildings
Peruvian Mother and Child (1977)
Fantasy of Two Heads - Punch and Judy
Blind Woman with Cat
More Drawings
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